Our customer service broadens the options for your warehouse

Extending the size of warehouses with components or decreasing the size of them is also included in the scope of our customer service as well as conversion from DIN to Eurocode. But our customer service offers much much more.

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Flexible adjustment according to storage requ

Move a 100 metre warehouse on the same company premises or from Hamburg to Munich? Both are within the remit of Christina Kaemmerer. She is the customer service contact from Herchenbach and the “facilitator” for anyone, who has already bought a temporary building from the company. Should storage requirements change, is the warehouse to big or too small or in the wrong location? In contrast to fixed buildings, customers need not rack their brains when it comes to deciding what will happen with the building. Rather, all they need to do is contact Christina kaemmerer. And within no time at all, she will have sorted it all out. If the building needs to be extended by some additional square metres (that too is a simple and reliable process), she gets in direct contact with the sales team.


Temporary building with modular system

Customers reap the benefits of the Herchenbach modular system. “Our buildings can be adjusted in line with the company’s requirements at short notice”, she adds. Since all parts can be dismantled and reused, the buildings are not only renowned for their sustainability. Customers appreciate the flexibility offered by the system most of all. “A great deal of time doesn’t need to be spent on the planning stage, dismantling our buildings is rather straightforward as well as rather swift – and if the ground is suitable at the new site, the building can be directly assembled by us there”, she explains. “For instance, we assembled a large building which was fully ready for use at the new site after just two weeks.”


Calculation for wind and snow loads

The service is also an interesting aspect for customers who have not rented the building but bought it, if they wish to resell their Herchenbach building. “We calculate whether the building works at the new site – since the wind and snow loads, for instance, are quite different in Hamburg in comparison to Munich, says Christina Kaemmerer. Safety is paramount. And our customer service team gives older buildings the opportunity of a new lease of life. Herchenbach buildings are certified for 50 years. Following conversion from DIN to Eurocode, all older buildings must be accordingly retrofitted for resale. New purlins are fitted, ropes inspected. The new static, with which the customer can then go to the building authority, is available in customer services – and the renovation contract soon after. Lots of things are then possible at the new site. “The only important point is that we dismantle the building ourselves – otherwise something is missing at the end.”

However it is not just the big projects that put a smile on Christina Kaemmerer’s face, together with customers she optimises buildings in line with their current storage needs. Conversion measures are therefore another big topic. “Customers contact me who need an extra roller shutter door or window”, she reports. Thanks to the modular system, new elements can be added in a simple and straightforward manner. Customers also benefit here who need a part replacing. “If a forklift collides with the wall, there is no need to worry. Each ISO panel and trapezoidal sheet can be individually replaced.” Even an individual column which has been damaged by a forklift can be easily replaced.

More than “building stories”

As the buildings can be used for a long time and can be adjusted to new requirements time and time again, the contact is aware of much more than the ins and outs of the buildings. “If time allows, customers share their stories with me”, says Christina Kaemmerer. “From their holidays, to their private matters.” And then they become a little more cheerful. “Especially while people were working from home, I spoke to a director on the phone one day while he was in his kitchen feeding his young daughter.” All of a sudden the service becomes that bit more personal.


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