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Herchenbach is a comprehensive service provider offering warehouse solutions throughout Europe. An unusual combination of a traditional owner-managed company founded in 1924 and the dynamism of an innovative hidden champion, we set standards for our customers – with our modular product solutions, for example, or our process for the simple and quick creation of warehouse solutions, a multiple winner of the Top 100 Innovator Prize.

Find out more about the company’s history and what makes us different. Would you like to become part of our exciting growth story? We are always looking for people who want to make a difference and take on responsibility – for our customers and our company.


At Herchenbach, I can develop personally and professionally. My duties are demanding and varied. I am responsible for finding suitable solutions for our customers’ requirements.
Marco Stoll
Sales representative

The history of Herchenbach

  1. 1924-03-31
  2. 1989-01-01
  3. 1999-09-30
  4. 2005-01-06
  5. 2015-03-06
  1. 1924

    The early days: founding of the company and first steps

    Heinrich Herchenbach founds the company in Troisdorf, near Cologne. In the first few decades, the company focuses on selling wooden marquees and on their short-term rental. It is only when his son joins the business in the 1950s that industrial buildings using steel-pipe constructions and aluminium are also rented and sold.
  2. 1989

    The focus: warehouses for industrial customers

    The founder’s grandson, Jürgen Herchenbach, joins the company. As a mechanical engineering graduate, he has previously worked in plant construction. Herchenbach has now withdrawn completely from the marquee segment to focus on selling aluminium warehouses for longer-term use in the industrial sector.

  3. 1999

    The foundations: developing the company’s own aluminium profiles

    Jürgen Herchenbach’s wife, Anna Herchenbach, joins the company. She was previously a sales manager and controller at an aluminium press plant in Bonn and brings extensive knowledge of the material aluminium with her. The couple advances with the development of the company’s own aluminium profiles and the associated statics, receiving support from a renowned professor at the University of Hamburg in Harburg in the process.
  4. 2005

    The breakthrough: the Heba-Fix® modular statics system

    From 2005, the company manufactures the patented Heba-Fix® buildings, which it has developed itself, and sells and rents them. All statics relating to snow and wind loads are adapted to the legal changes to the Euro code, making Heba-Fix® buildings suitable for use as permanent structures in accordance with DIN EN 1991. The company sees an increase in profit and turnover by producing its own buildings.
  5. 2008

    A new start: sale of the company and global economic crisis

    Richard Sattler and his son Dr Stefan Sattler buy the company. In the global economic crisis of 2009, the business model that Jürgen Herchenbach has established proves to be crisis-proof. Turnover can be maintained. Due to the economic situation, the number of rental contracts increases.

    Herchenbach completes its first key account project for Roche in Mannheim and, two years later, its first projects abroad for the world’s largest brewery, ABInBev.

  6. 2015

    Digitalisation: change of management and restructuring

    The next generation of entrepreneurs, in the persons of Till Bossert, Tobias Raeber and Nektarios Apostologlou, takes over management and ownership of the company. Later Christian Höhne and Ian Frankel join them. In a time of rapid change, a state-of-the-art ERP system is introduced, the process and structural organisation is professionalized, and digitalisation is accelerated. Sales are decentralised and, at the same time, the first sales teams for the FR and UK markets as well as a service department are set up.

  7. 2019

    Growth: internationalisation and Top Innovator

    The company continues to expand its markets in FR and UK. Important support departments such as engineering, marketing and site management/QM are restructured and professionalised. Further improvements to process organisation and material flow result in unprecedented scalability, which acts as a foundation for further growth. In 2018 and 2019, the company receives the Top 100 Innovator award. The company’s exceptional speed of change and innovative strength as well as its creation of a best-in-class process for smooth, easy completion of warehouse projects are singled out for praise.
Sustainability at Herchenbach

Sustainability plays a major role at Herchenbach. As an environmentally responsible company, we aim to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible. Our major levers in this regard are the modularity of our products and the durability of the materials we use:

  • Aluminium is 100% recyclable. If a temporary building is dismantled, virtually all its individual parts can be reconditioned and reused.
  • State-of-the-art production processes are used in the production of aluminium and other building components. This makes optimum use of resources and reduces production waste and by-products. The individual components of the temporary building are extremely durable. Even our textile roofing can be used for decades if properly cared for.
  • Thanks to our modular construction system, assembling temporary buildings is quick and clean. This also means a reduction of the environmental impact.
  • Temporary buildings do not need a foundation and can be assembled on asphalt, for example. Extensive earth works often are not needed – we are used to working with what is already available.
Our commitment to quality

A comprehensive understanding of quality begins with good employee training at all levels of the hierarchy as well as with a clear definition of areas of responsibility. Each employee takes their duties seriously and acts responsibly, with an awareness of the consequences of their choices. Our quality management has several other distinguishing features:

  • We have optimised procedures, in which quality assurance is top priority. To do this, we have developed proactive and reactive quality assurance concepts. As part of our supplier development, we also assure the quality of our suppliers’ products and which is verified regularly with internal audits.
  • We comply with the strictest occupational health and safety guidelines and offer reliability, fast response times and flexibility at the same time.
  • The DIN 1090 certification is a guarantee of a reliable EC product.
  • All our internal work steps and processes are documented in writing in the form of work instructions according to ISO 9001 standard. And even after intensive training, the employees have access to this written documentation at all times. We use regular internal audits to ensure compliance with our process standards.
Building locations

We have completed several thousand building projects. Customers throughout Europe rely on our expertise and our innovative products. Our building locations page shows you where we have assembled buildings in your area before. 

Building locations
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Join the Herchenbach family! We are always looking for new talents to help grow our company. Our current vacancies can be found here!

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