Temporary buildings

Increase your storage without high costs

The UK's leading manufacturer and supplier of pre-frabicated temporary warehouses, semi-permanent buildings and industrial canopies

Lightweight buildings are an affordable way to increase storage space on your business premise in 2023.
  • Option to build on existing gravel, tarmac, paving and concrete
  • 50-year lifetime with German engineering for wind and snow loads
  • Modular build from 150m2 up to 10,000m2
  • Attractive rental or purchase options reduce short-term investment
  • Fast 5-day build time protects your business' productivity


Cover+ Industrial Canopy

Our canopy tents are an industrial-grade marquee which cover product and equipment on-site from rain and snow. These low-cost temporary structures are fast to build and provide affordable cover for outdoor, open-air storage, loading and unloading trucks, lorries and vans with a forklift, and providing shelter for employees and machinery.


  • Handling non-sensitive goods
  • Order picking and unloading
  • Passageways and tunnels


  • weather protection
  • conden­sation protection
  • theft protection
  • frost protection
  • insulation
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This non-insulated warehouse protects non-sensitive goods from the weather. Additionally, it offers protection against theft and condensation.


  • Storage of non-sensitive goods
  • Logistics and distribution centres
  • Vehicles and aircrafts
  • Maintenance and repair work


  • weather protection
  • conden­sation protection
  • theft protection
  • frost protection
  • insulation
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This insulated warehouse protects against weather, theft and condensation. It is fully insulated and offers frost protection for sensitive goods.


  • Storage of sensitive goods
  • Workshop and assembly
  • Exhibitions and sales
  • Production and manufacturing
  • Parcel depots and baggage distribution


  • weather protection
  • conden­sation protection
  • theft protection
  • frost protection
  • insulation
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Advantages of our warehouses

Our comprehensive service package provides you with a quick and easy path to your new, high quality warehouse solution.

Our buildings are an economic warehouse solution. We offer a high-quality product at an affordable price. A flexible rental option completes our commercial profile.
Our buildings are versatile and can adapt to your requirements. A Herchenbach warehouse allows your business to remain agile.
Comprehensive service package
Our services are extensive and closely aligned to one another. We provide our customers with a worry-free package and develop tailored solutions for their problems.
Industry expertise
It is unanimous: our customers all tell us that we understand their day-to-day business operations. This industry expertise is evident in our innovative solutions and tailored applications of our buildings.
All of our employees are committed to the company and our products. We care about our customers and the completion of our projects – each and every day.

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Our comprehensive service package at a glance
Our services are extensive and closely aligned.
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References at a glance
Industry expertise meets innovative product solutions!
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Renting or buying a temporary building
In addition to our purchase option, we also offer a budget-friendly rental option.
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Aluminium lightweight buildings

Lightweight aluminium buildings are characterised by their modular design. They consist of a stable frame of aluminium profiles as well as wall and roof cladding. Depending on the area of application, simple or insulated roof tarpaulins and trapezoidal sheets or ISO panels are available. Lightweight aluminium buildings are extremely adaptable in terms of size and equipment. They can also be modified and extended after construction. They can be assembled quickly, on almost any surface.

Areas of application

Thanks to their adaptability in terms of size and features, aluminium buildings are very versatile. They can be used as buildings for logistics, industrial, assembly and production purposes or as parcel depots. They are used at airports or as vehicle depots for fire brigades. They can also be used as sales or exhibition halls.

Bulk goods or similar can be stored under a simple canopy, for example. Trapezoidal sheet metal wall cladding provides more protection against the weather and theft. Fully insulated lightweight aluminium buildings can be used for the storage of sensitive goods. Complying with fire protection measures such as the integration of escape doors or hard roofing is easy thanks to a wide range of optional features. Fast-running roller shutter doors ensure smooth operational processes. Lighting systems, windows and other accessories are also available for the buildings.  

Advantages of Herchenbach lightweight buildings

Herchenbach is a full-service provider of high-quality lightweight buildings. Our product solution has a number of advantages, starting with quick availability.

  • We guarantee fast delivery times for the materials. The buildings’ modular design means short assembly times. We allow approx. five working days for 1,000 m².
  • The material aluminium is fully recyclable. It is both sustainable and inexpensive yet offers a similar load-bearing capacity and stability to steel.
  • Lightweight buildings are extremely cost-efficient. A foundation is not necessarily required to anchor the aluminium profiles. This means that you can assemble your Herchenbach building on almost any surface
  • Our product solution is extremely flexible. Within the framework of the modular system, you can adapt the building to your needs. In addition, an aluminium lightweight building can easily be extended at a later date.
  • Our lightweight buildings are available to rent or to buy. If you choose the rental option, there is no need for a high investment budget and you can continue to plan reliably even in the event of economic fluctuations.
  • Herchenbach goes the extra mile. As a full-service provider, we take charge of your building project. During an initial discussion, our sales department will determine your needs. We are available at all times during the process to answer any queries, support you in obtaining planning permission and other construction-related questions.

Our long-standing experience and over 1,000 completed building projects speak for themselves. Herchenbach lightweight buildings represent product innovation and quality. Read our testimonials and see for yourself.