Food & Beverage

Food and beverage companies have been an established part of our customer base for many years now. The storage of foodstuffs places high demands on a building. UV protection, protection against vermin and a controlled temperature play a role here, while in the beverage industry, availability at short notice and flexibility in terms of the building’s size, fixtures and fittings are key. To solve these typical industry problems, we offer high-quality product solutions that meet the above-mentioned requirements. 

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Our customers are always extremely satisfied with our building projects. See below for some of our customer feedback. The following overview gives you an idea of our customer base.

We were impressed by the fast response times! When we needed a 5,000 m² non-insulated space at very short notice, we asked Herchenbach for a consultation. Just five weeks later, we were able to use our building.
Sabina G., Plant Manager
While working to complete our building project, Herchenbach handled all the planning law and technical construction obstacles with ease. All in all, development and assembly of our 1,000 m² building took only three weeks.
Reinold C., Manager
11,000 m² warehouse space for brewery

We completed one of the largest temporary building projects in Europe, with more than 16,000 pallets (11,000 m²) for the largest brewery group in the world. The three-aisle building was built in under 5 weeks and fully equipped with fixtures and fittings. 

Insulated buildings for perishable foodstuffs

For a food industry customer, we built a fully insulated double building, which was subsequently fitted with air conditioning units. For maximum energy efficiency, the buildings were fitted with high-speed doors and the wall bases sealed.

Empties warehouse for beverage logistics company

We assembled a non-insulated warehouse for a beverage systems logistics provider for use as an empties warehouse. Two high-speed roller shutter doors were integrated into the longitudinal walls to ensure efficient processes within the building.

Herchenbach is all about innovation and commitment – more than anyone, it is we the employees who make the difference! Every day, we work to offer our customers the best possible service. I love my job!
Jan Krause
Warehouse Employee