Renting or buying warehouses

Our finance options

We offer various finance options for our temporary buildings. If you need the warehouse space for the long term, it is a good idea to buy. But if you do not yet know for how long you will require the warehouse space or you would like to protect your company’s assets, the rental option is the right choice for you.

Recommendation: Renting a warehouse

Take advantage of our cost-efficient rental option! There are several advantages of renting a warehouse – especially for companies whose requirements are only temporary. Eliminate the need for a large investment budget and stay flexible.

Renting a temporary building

Do you want to rent your warehouse? We will help you draw up a rental contract that meets your requirements. The following factors mean that rental may be the right option for you:

  • You want to protect your assets and investment budget
  • You do not know exactly for how long you will need the building and want to stay flexible
  • You can estimate exactly for how long you will need the building and only want to use it for as long as you actually need it
  • You want to claim the cost of the rent against tax
Buying a temporary building

If you decide to buy a temporary building, we will offer consultation services and a customised quote. The following factors mean that buying may be the right option for you:

  • You have substantial assets and want to invest them in a way that reduces the amount of tax you will need to pay
  • You already know that you will need the building for the long term
  • You have made careful calculations and want to use the building at the lowest possible cash value throughout the planning period that you have established
Various financing options
Flexible prices
Our Financing options are as flexible as our temporary buildings. If you want to keep procurement costs for your temporary building low, take a look at our rental option. In this case, only the company’s much lower operating costs will increase with the addition of the building’s rental costs. We will work out the final costs for your temporary building in a one-to-one meeting with you.
The most competitive warehouse solution on the market
Competitive prices
A major advantage of temporary buildings is their relatively low cost. This is a high-quality product that combines functionality and durability. Our modular construction system keeps prices low. Assembly is quick and transport costs are minimal thanks to lightweight materials.

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