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stable and durable aluminium profiles
textile roofing in highly tear-resistant industrial PVC tarpaulin, with optional insulation
Wall cladding
robust trapezoidal steel sheets
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Buy from 125,— £*per m2
Rent from 2,30 £*per m2
per month



  • Storage of non-sensitive goods
  • Logistics and distribution centres
  • Vehicles and aircrafts
  • Maintenance and repair work



  • weather protection
  • conden­sation protection
  • theft protection
  • frost protection
  • insulation
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Recommended equipment

Wall cladding: trapezoidal sheets

If you want to protect your goods from weather and theft, trapezoidal sheet wall cladding is the right option for you. Our trapezoidal sheet wall claddings are cost-effective, long-lasting and low-maintenance. They are resistant to rain, frost and harsh coastal wind. If individual panels are damaged by a forklift or something similar, they can easily be replaced individually.
We offer the trapezoidal sheets in white aluminium as standard. They can also be delivered in other RAL colours at the customer’s request.  

Roofing: standard PVC tarpaulin

Our plain roof tarpaulin is the best cladding for canopies, tunnel constructions or buildings in which no highly sensitive goods are stored. The tarpaulin is made of extremely tear-resistant industrial PVC. The material is robust, durable and cost-effective compared with other types of roofing. The tarpaulin is resistant to rain, hail and frost – for decades. It is designed for buildings intended for permanent use. Thanks to the tarpaulin’s low weight, it is quick to assemble, thus saving costs. In the event of damage, it can be replaced independently of the rest of the temporary building. It is translucent and lets plenty of daylight into the building.   
The tarpaulin is supplied in white as standard.

Floor fixing: ground spikes

The aluminium profiles of our temporary buildings can be attached in different ways. The most common and most cost-efficient variant is attachment with ground spikes, which can be used on various surfaces. For anchoring with ground spikes, the surface course, base course and frost protection layer should be at least 80 cm thick when added together.

Floor fixing: heavy-duty dowels

If the surface is not suitable for anchoring with ground spikes, we recommend heavy-duty dowels. The heavy-duty dowels are attached to a concrete or strip foundation, which must be cast beforehand. We can advise you on the dimensions of the foundation.

Rain & condensation water drainage: condensation protection

A special inner tarpaulin protects your goods from condensate or condensation water. This is placed under the main roof tarpaulin and does not require further assembly. The inner tarpaulin consists of a scrim that diffuses the moisture in one direction only – from the inside of the building to the outside. The condensation can therefore no longer get into the building, and the goods are protected. Condensation protection is included in our insulated roof tarpaulin as standard. The plain industrial tarpaulin can be fitted with the interior tarpaulin on request.

Doors & gates: single-winged steel doors

We offer single-winged doors as pedestrian doors, fire protection doors or escape doors. For everyday in-house operational requirements, we recommend simple steel doors with a lever handle set or panic bar. If required, we can also install single-winged doors with special functions. For decorative or presentation purposes, for example, we can install models with glass windows.

Doors & gates: sliding gates

Sliding gates are simple and practical in equal measure. When opening, the door moves parallel to the wall of the building, thus saving space. As the guide rails run on top, the doors are barrier-free and accessible. Like the warehouse, the gates are made of trapezoidal sheets, creating a uniform overall appearance. This allows even extremely large passageways to be created at low cost.

Lighting systems: standard warehouse lighting

Our standard warehouse lighting provides sufficient light inside the building in the winter months or for shift work and guarantees luminous efficacy of approx. 200 lux.

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Special equipment

Advantages of our warehouses

Our comprehensive service package provides you with a quick and easy path to your new, high quality warehouse solution.

Our buildings are an economic warehouse solution. We offer a high-quality product at an affordable price. A flexible rental option completes our commercial profile.
Our buildings are versatile and can adapt to your requirements. A Herchenbach warehouse allows your business to remain agile.
Comprehensive service package
Our services are extensive and closely aligned to one another. We provide our customers with a worry-free package and develop tailored solutions for their problems.
Industry expertise
It is unanimous: our customers all tell us that we understand their day-to-day business operations. This industry expertise is evident in our innovative solutions and tailored applications of our buildings.
All of our employees are committed to the company and our products. We care about our customers and the completion of our projects – each and every day.
Leading OEMs and automotive suppliers such as Porsche AG and Continental AG rely on our expertise and our innovative product solutions. Read on to find out what these companies think of Herchenbach.
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Leading customers from the construction industry rely on our expertise and our innovative product solutions. Read on to find out what these companies think of Herchenbach.
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Our buildings are widely used in the logistics industry. We have created customised product solutions for customers such as Deutsche Bahn and DHL. Find out more about our completed projects in the logistics industry here.
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Food & Beverage
Many of our customers come from the food & beverage industry. Customers benefit from our cost-effective building solutions, which are also suitable for sensitive goods. Read on for some testimonials from this industry.
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Some of our main customers come from the packaging and paper processing industries, for whom we implement product solutions throughout Europe. Our innovation and experience are reflected in the high levels of customer satisfaction. Take a look at our testimonial projects.
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Other sectors
In addition to our core areas, we also cater for to many other industries. The flexibility of our temporary buildings enables us to offer the right solution for many different applications.
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*The prices refer to an 800 m² building, including transport and assembly, without accessories. The rental prices apply for a contract term of 36 months. Exact pricing depends on the building size and equipment as well as the wind and snow loading requirements at the location. The most affordable solution is offered directly after a free on-site appointment.

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Our services are extensive and closely aligned.
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