Pinpointing exactly what customers really need

Herchenbach sales staff are ready by the customer's side as their personal contact and experts in building construction. Their commitment is one of the many advantages that make Herchenbach stand out – and customers appreciate it.

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A new lightweight building can be assembled quickly and easily – and tailored precisely to the customer's needs. This is made possible by a broad network of sales staff. They are the first on site when customers want to commission a building from Herchenbach.

This offers six advantages for customers

1. Expert contact right from the start

Anyone building a lightweight building with Herchenbach has an expert partner at their side right from the start. From the first personal meeting as soon as contact is made, the same sales representative accompanies the building project through the entire planning phase to the project phase after commercial agreement. For customers this means they can complete their building with an expert who knows all the processes of their project down to the last detail.

2. On-site appointment immediately following an enquiry

The sales representative who will later accompany the building’s construction makes a personal visit on site as soon as initial contact is made. There they can take a look at the local conditions, the possible building location and the access routes. Above all, they can sound out with the customer exactly what it is the customer really needs.

3. Finding solutions together

Do you have a very specific idea or just a rough idea of what the future building should do? Different customers have different requirements for their construction project. In a joint discussion, the sales representative will help find the best and most beneficial use of the modular building system from Herchenbach for this particular case. Three building types with different accessories are available. For this, the sales representative can draw on their experience gained from thousands of construction projects at Herchenbach and present suitable building solutions from that particular sector.

4. Support with the building application

It is the building owner’s responsibility to have the building application submitted by a person authorised to submit building documents. However, the salesperson can advise on the approach in advance, using their experience from working with a wide range of building authorities to advise on the optimal building solution. Or even simpler: leave the building application to Herchenbach and rely on a single-source solution.

5. In-house services for the fire protection concept

Building on an existing building or other special fire protection requirements? In this case, an in-house fire protection concept is part of the ‘full service’ offered by Herchenbach Sales. With products from the Herchenbach engineering department such as ‘hard roofing’ and SHEV systems, fire protection can also be guaranteed in special cases. There is a suitable solution for every challenge.

6. In-depth finance modelling advice

Buy or rent? Either is possible with Herchenbach’s buildings. There is also the option of purchasing the building after a rental period. But which model is best suited to your specific building project? Sales staff can set out the advantages of both forms of financing. For our customers, this means they not only get the building that best suits their needs, they also get the most affordable option.


Regardless of whether customers are planning with a very specific idea or just a rough idea, a Herchenbach sales representative means they have their very own personal contact at their side. From the first on-site appointment to the project phase, the sales representative will accompany the process intensively. Through joint discussion, they will work out how the modular building system from Herchenbach can be best used for the building project. They will then present the most affordable forms of financing. This all makes it quick and easy for customers to find the right lightweight building for them.


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