Windows for prefabricated buildings

Herchenbach offers translucent panels and windows for its lightweight buildings that require additional daylight. Tilt-and-turn windows also make it easy to provide individual ventilation.

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From warehouses to industrial tents, retail buildings to exhibition halls – it is not just what’s on the inside that matters. Sometimes you need to look outside as well. Herchenbach offers different types of windows for its prefabricated buildings. They are not only functional, but visually appealing too. Plus they are quick to assemble in the modular construction.

Translucent panels

Translucent roofing allows plenty of daylight to enter the building. For those who want to make more use of daylight and at the same time create sightlines to the outside, translucent panels are a viable option. The translucent panels are integrated into the wall cladding during building assembly and provide plenty of natural light. Double-layer translucent panels are suitable for insulated buildings as they offer good insulating properties. More cost-effective single-layer translucent panels are also available upon customer request.


Tilt-and-turn windows

Individual ventilation of specific areas is possible with tilt-and-turn windows. These are particularly suitable if the building is not only used to store goods, but also has work carried out in it over a longer period of time – for example, in a workshop or salesroom. The windows are available in single or double-hung sashes and are installed in the wall panels. Together with the translucent roofing, they allow natural light into the building and make it possible to individually control the supply of fresh air.


Sectional gates with viewing sections

Viewing sections can also be built into the sectional gates. Herchenbach offers different types of gates for its prefabricated buildings. The sectional gates are particularly suitable for insulated buildings due to their good insulating properties. At the same time, they come in a range of variants, including the choice of colour, for example. The viewing sections are interesting not only in terms of their design, but also their safety. They make it possible to see what is in the immediate vicinity of the building entrance before opening the gate.


Windows from the industry experts

Herchenbach builds lightweight buildings for industry. The buildings’ modular construction system makes them not only quick to plan and assemble (1000 m² in one week). The building is adapted to individual requirements through different equipment variants. At the same time, the aluminium buildings are significantly cheaper than comparable steel buildings. In many cases, they can be built without any foundations. Functionality is the priority – but the visual aspect is not neglected either when it comes to our selection of windows. Arrange your consultation appointment now and get a clear view of your new prefabricated building with windows.


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