Canopies or roofing – this is how cheap it is to keep order picking dry

Want to unload weather-sensitive goods in dry conditions? Don't want to leave the employees out in the rain? The right canopy for prefabricated buildings makes it easy to keep order picking in the dry.

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The truck pulls up to the warehouse to unload – and it’s raining. Having to walk even a couple of yards outside is enough to get staff and goods well and truly wet – far from ideal for everyone involved. By adding a canopy or a roof, the dry area around a warehouse or logistics building can be easily extended. Herchenbach offers two options for its modular system.

Two solutions for industrial tents

The canopy

  • The canopy is simply affixed to the industrial tent as an accessory attachment.
  • The dry area around the building is extended – for example in front of the entrance area or to the loading ramp.
  • The space outside the building can be used to pick orders in the dry.
  • The stored goods are better protected from the weather during loading and unloading.
  • Canopies are only possible up to a certain size.

The Cover+ canopy

  • The Cover+ canopy offers more flexibility.
  • It is made of the same stable aluminium profile as the lightweight buildings and also has a roof made of highly tear-resistant industrial PVC. However, this building construction does not use any wall cladding.
  • Thanks to the modular construction, the Cover+ canopy (unlike a simple canopy) can be extended as required.

Three applications for Cover+

The profiles for the Cover+ canopy are assembled from the same modular system as the closed lightweight buildings from Herchenbach. This means that Cover+ can be more widely used than a regular canopy.

Dry loading ramp

The Cover+ canopy can be added to the lightweight building to better protect entrance areas or loading ramps. It thus offers the same benefits as a canopy and keeps the order picking area dry. However, depending on the wind and snow load, Cover+ can be used to cover an area of any size. Further building profiles can be easily added at truss spacings of 4 or 5 metres.

Tunnel between 2 buildings

The Cover+ pitched roof can also be constructed as a tunnel between two buildings. This keeps the passageway dry in the rain. For fire protection requirements for construction on existing buildings, Herchenbach offers special roofing. It is approved as so-called ‘hard roofing’.

Canopy for additional storage space

Cover+ does not have to be attached to another building and can simply stand alone. This roofing without side walls protects goods stored outdoors from rain, hail and UV radiation. This creates additional covered storage space at low cost.

Advantages of lightweight canopies

Herchenbach is a specialist in industrial lightweight buildings. These quick-assembly buildings are planned using a modular system. They can be individually adapted to the companies’ storage and logistics needs and are quick and inexpensive to set up. The huge advantage of the modular construction system is that it allows individual parts to be optimally combined. Canopies, tunnels or passageways can be easily attached to the buildings. The Cover+ canopy can be extended as required (just like any non-insulated or insulated modular building from Herchenbach). This offers a lot of flexibility – so that no one is left out in the rain. 


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