Light warehouses correctly – and reduce electricity costs

Warehouses are workplaces, so proper lighting is part of the workplace’s health and safety requirements. In addition to safety, light contributes to employees’ wellbeing. The right building solution can achieve optimal light levels and save costs at the same time.

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Lagerhallen sind Arbeitsplätze, die richtige Beleuchtung ist vorgeschrieben. Zusätzlich zur Sicherheit trägt Licht zum Wohlbefinden der Mitarbeiter bei. Mit der richtigen Hallenlösung lassen sich optimale Werte erzielen und gleichzeitig Kosten sparen.

More light through the right roofing

Make dark, poorly visible storerooms history with the right roofing. With the ‘Heba-Dach’ from Herchenbach, buildings are as bright as day without any artificial lighting. A highly tear-resistant industrial textile is used as roofing for the lightweight buildings system. This industrial PVC not only has excellent load-bearing capacity, but also offers high light transmission. So even on a cloudy day, with around 500 lux, plenty of daylight streams into the building. Additional lighting is therefore not necessary for many warehouses. This not only saves costs during installation, but also during operation.


A ‘lux’ is a physical unit that derives its name from the Latin word for light, and is a measurement of the light’s intensity. It indicates how much light reaches an illuminated surface. One lux means that the luminous flux of one lumen is distributed over an area of one square metre. The larger the area, the lower the lux value.


Lumen is the unit for luminous flux or light intensity. The higher the lumen value of a light bulb, the more light it emits.


Lighting systems for lightweight buildings

Standard lighting: inexpensive and easy to install

The highly tear-resistant roof textile used in Herchenbach's lightweight building construction makes the building as bright as day. Nevertheless, there are good reasons to equip the building with additional lighting.

Standard lighting makes sense:

  • if Heba-Therm roofing with additional polyester fleece is used in the building for better insulation
  • if shift work is to be carried out in the building
  • if there are not enough hours of daylight in winter

Standard lighting provides sufficient light inside the building at low cost. Standard lighting ensures around 200 lux and is thus more than sufficient.

LED tube lights: energy-efficient and extremely long-lasting

In some cases where the warehouse needs more light, standard lighting may be insufficient.

LED lighting makes sense:

  • if work requiring brighter lighting needs to be done in the building.
  • if shelving is blocking out light, making increased lighting necessary.    

The LED tube lighting used in the lightweight buildings guarantee a high light output. They provide a suitable brightness of 250 to 280 lux. The number of bulbs needed for the required brightness is calculated precisely by a specialist.

The add-on: Increased safety with outdoor lighting

To ensure extra safety, suitable lighting is crucial not only inside the building but outside as well. Outdoor lighting can be optimally integrated into the workflow with motion detectors. Intelligent light control switches lights off if no movement is detected for a certain period of time, making them very efficient.

  • The building can be entered safely when it gets dark.
  • At the same time, suitable illumination at the front of the building is a precautionary measure for protection against burglars.
  • However, outdoor lighting is also sensible if work takes place outside the building, for example for loading or order picking. In that case, outdoor lighting contributes to a safe and smooth workflow.

Lighting lightweight buildings correctly

Expert advice

Let our building construction experts advise you on the appropriate lighting for your lightweight building. With our experience from around 100 years of building construction, expertise from thousands of lightweight building projects and specialisation in industry requirements, we will develop the optimum building solution with the right lighting together with you.

  • Discover the advantages of our highly tear-resistant, translucent roof textile in a personal conversation with our sales staff.
  • See how the right roofing means daylight can be used to light lightweight buildings in our numerous reference projects – and with a certified building service life of 50 years.
  • Use the expertise from our building projects and our network of lighting manufacturers if you need additional lighting for more demanding work.

Come and talk to us now and plan your daylight-bright lightweight building – quickly, easily and inexpensively, including rental options.



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