Wall cladding for temporary buildings

The frame is always the same: stable and durable aluminium profiles. However the temporary buildings can be used for various requirements depending on the wall cladding. One question in particular is important to each company.

Anyone requiring more warehouse space, needs to decide whether they need a temporary building that is:

  • An unheated warehouse or
  • An insulated warehouse

Herchenbach offers the unheated warehouse in the form of Safe+, wheres the insulated warehouse is the Therm+ model. Why not use our callback service to find out more about wall cladding for temporary buildings – tailored to your storage requirements?

  • Unsupported widths from 5 to 40 metres
  • Fast construction time (1000 m² in five days)
  • “Full service” with comprehensive consulting service
  • Rental and purchase - cost-effective options
  • Construction with no foundation

Unheated and insulated warehouse, comparison

Both designs, the unheated warehouse and insulated warehouse offer their own benefits. The more precise a company can analyse its requirements, the more effectively the right model of an unheated or insulated warehouse can be implemented. For anyone looking for weatherproofing for non-sensitive goods, the Cover+ canopy made of high-quality roofing textile with open sides offers the best option. Why not give us a call or use our callback service? We would be more than happy to advise you on your new warehouse. At Herchenbach, you will find the perfect solution for all your storage needs.


The advantages

Unheated warehouse

Insulated warehouse

Fast construction time

(1000 m² in five days)


All dimensions from the Herchenbach
modular design as well as special statics




Anti-theft protection


Condensation protection






Sustainability: Can be used in other new projects for rental buildings


Easy to replace individual elements in the event of damage


Available in various RAL colours



Buy or rent unheated warehouses

Unheated warehouses offer solid protection against weather conditions. What’s more, goods and machines are more effectively protected against intruders. Nevertheless, these warehouses are only suitable for non-sensitive goods with regard to temperature.

The areas of application of temporary buildings with a wall cladding made of trapezoidal sheets include:

  • Storage of non-sensitive goods
  • Logistics and distribution centres
  • Vehicle depot
  • Aircraft hangar
  • Maintenance and repair work

Wall cladding made of trapezoidal sheets

Trapezoidal sheets have a diverse range of applications, predominantly in commerce and industrial buildings (when constructing temporary buildings, for example). In contrast to corrugated profiles, they have a sloping-sided cross section of trapezoidal profile sheets. By sloping the sides of the profile sheets, the geometrical moment of inertia is increased. In doing so, a considerable increase in the load capacity is achieved in spite of the low material use. Customers benefit from:

  • Reduced costs for transport and storage
  • Low weight
  • Low manufacturing costs
  • Fast construction time, thanks to prefabricated elements
  • Simple assembly


Herchenbach offers the trapezoidal sheets in white aluminium as standard. They can also be delivered in other RAL colours at the customer’s request.  


Insulated warehouse - for rental or purchase

Temporary buildings with wall cladding made of ISO panels not only offer thermal insulation in summer but also protection against the cold in the winter months. Thanks to these special insulating properties, they offer protection against heat losses. Insulated warehouses are particularly suitable for:

Commerce, production or retail buildings

  • Storage of sensitive goods
  • Workshops and assembly
  • Displays and sales
  • Production and manufacturing
  • Parcel depots and luggage distribution

Herchenbach uses ISO panels with excellent heat transfer values (0.31 W/m²K). The ISO panels, used in the wall cladding of the aluminium buildings, are heat-insulating and low-maintenance.  The polyurethane foam core is surrounded by two steel outer shells. The good insulating properties reduce the energy required to heat the warehouse. What’s more, the ISO panels also guarantee noise protection. Herchenbach offers the ISO panels in grey white or aluminium white as standard. Other RAL colours are available on request.

  • Low deadweight
  • Excellent insulation
  • Noise protection
  • Prefabricated elements enable fast construction
  • Easy assembly 
  • Simple replacement


Herchenbach constructs buildings for industrial use. Our customers include companies from the automotive industry, food industry, construction, logistics and packaging and paper processing industry. There is one all important question when it comes to the wall cladding of a temporary building? What temperature do you need in the building? Trapezoidal sheets are the fast and simple solution for non-sensitive goods. If frost protection is important or if heat losses need to be prevented, then wall claddings made of ISO panels are a viable, practical alternative. Arrange a meeting with us. Then together we will find your perfect warehouse solution.


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