Wall and roof cladding of lightweight buildings

The wall and roof cladding of our lightweight buildings can be adapted to your company’s requirements. Read on to discover the options that are available to you.

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In the event of a warehousing bottleneck, companies are dependent on a short-term and economical solution. If the need arises spontaneously, lightweight buildings offer the optimal storage solution. They can be built in a few weeks, can be dismantled and are also economical, as they can be erected on almost any surface. They can be used both as a temporary and a permanent solution.

Thanks to the modular system design, a lightweight building’s size and features can be adapted to the required application, in-house processes and goods to be stored. In contrast to the classic steel construction method, the wall and roof cladding in lightweight building construction comes with a great deal of flexibility.

Our roof claddings

Industrial PVC tarpaulin, insulated tarpaulin and hard roofing

Herchenbach lightweight buildings are covered with a highly tear-resistant industrial PVC tarpaulin. This kind of roofing is in no way inferior to a physically solid roof, for example one made of trapezoidal sheets. Our buildings are designed to last for several decades, as is our roof cladding. The roof tarpaulin is sturdy and extremely durable. It is weather-resistant and can withstand wind and snow loads. Compared to roofing on steel buildings, it is cost-effective. In addition, it is translucent and allows daylight into the interior of the building, so that additional lighting measures can be dispensed with when working during the day. This significantly reduces your operating costs in the medium and long term.  The benefit to you:

  • Cost saving with similarly robust properties as steel or concrete roofing.

We can also equip our roof tarpaulins with condensation protection if required. This is an inner tarpaulin, which is placed beneath the roof cladding. It allows condensation to disperse in one direction only and drains it away via the building’s rain gutter. We recommend the inner tarpaulin for our Safe+ and Therm+ warehouses.

In addition to our standard tarpaulins, our insulated tarpaulin offers maximum insulating properties. It is fitted with an insulating fleece that offers excellent heat transfer values of up to 0.85 W/m²K. This makes the roofing in heated buildings very energy efficient and saves on heating costs. If you store very sensitive goods or you want to use your building as an assembly or production facility, our insulated roof tarpaulin is a good option. We recommend our Therm+ warehouses. The benefit to you:

  • Cost savings thanks to the excellent insulating properties when heating the building.

In some cases, customers cannot comply with the distances between existing buildings prescribed by fire protection legislation. So-called hard roofing is then required. This does not necessarily mean solid roofing, such as a steel or concrete roof, but merely roofing that is resistant to the effects of heat and flying sparks. To ensure that our roof tarpaulin meets these requirements, we fit it with a special polyester fleece so that it complies with the relevant fire protection specifications. The benefit to you:

  • The warehouse can be erected even directly next to existing buildings.

Our wall claddings

Trapezoidal sheets or ISO panels

Herchenbach lightweight buildings can be constructed as a simple canopy (our Cover+ warehouse), covered with trapezoidal sheets (our Safe+ warehouse) or with ISO panels (our Therm+ warehouse). The trapezoidal steel sheets ensure burglar-proof building walls. If damage occurs during everyday operation, for example due to a forklift truck, the individual trapezoidal sheets can be replaced at low cost.
The ISO panels improve energy efficiency when the building is to be heated. For non-sensitive goods, vehicle depots or logistics centres, our Safe+ warehouse with trapezoidal sheet metal wall cladding is a suitable option. If the goods to be stored are sensitive or if moderately strenuous work is to be carried out in the building, our Therm+ warehouses with ISO panels are a better alternative. Gates, doors, windows and translucent panels can be integrated into both the side and longitudinal walls as desired. The benefit to you: 

  • Maximum flexibility in adapting the warehouse to the respective application, the internal processes and the goods to be stored.

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