Translucent roof tarpaulin for lightweight buildings – quick to install and lasts for decades

A lightweight building that can be assembled quickly and safely – and saves on lighting costs in the process? Sounds like a Herchenbach industrial lightweight building.


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Forget everything you thought you knew about roof tarpaulins and discover Herchenbach’s industrial roofing textiles for lightweight buildings. Our various options offer you the best solution for your storage needs. Find the right tarpaulin – it is quick to install and will last for decades.

A major advantage of our roof tarpaulins is their translucency. No lighting is needed during daylight hours – even when it is cloudy, the tarpaulins enable an illuminance level of 500 lux inside the building. And the scaffolding, wall cladding and roof cladding are all so quick and easy to assemble that you will have full use of your new storage space in no time at all.

Advantages of Herchenbach’s roofing textils

But how durable is this roofing? At Herchenbach, we use an industrial PVC tarpaulin made of a highly tear-resistant textile with excellent load-bearing capacity for our modular lightweight buildings. A Herchenbach roof tarpaulin will withstand a weight of 250 kilograms per square metre – and lasts for decades. It also protects against 99.8% of UVA and UVB radiation, offering your stored goods maximum protection against sunlight and the weather. Our roof tarpaulins are authorised according to DIN 1991 for permanent use over a service life of 50 years.



All Herchenbach roof tarpaulins for industrial buildings are resistant to rain, hail and frost, with enhanced UV resistance. And because they are translucent, they allow plenty of daylight into the building interior. Assembly is quick and cost-effective.  


Does the roofing comply with fire protection?

Heba-Dach+ meets the requirements of “hard” roofing according to DIN EN 13501-5, i.e. it is resistant to radiant heat and flying sparks, and is permitted by German building law for use as “hard” roofing for fire protection purposes. In addition, the roofing itself usually acts as a smoke ventilation area in the event of a fire. If special conditions have been stipulated by the authorities, our SHEV system can be used to ventilate buildings of up to 400 m². For larger buildings, more systems must be installed as needed.


Protection against rain

A special inner tarpaulin protects your stored goods against condensation water. This inner tarpaulin is already included as standard in our insulated tarpaulins, while the basic industrial tarpaulin can be adapted to include it on request.

The scrim on the inner tarpaulin allows moisture to diffuse in one direction only – from the inside to the outside – which prevents condensation from entering the building. Since the inner tarpaulin is fitted directly under the roof tarpaulin, no additional assembly work is required.

In addition, we use the Herchenbach professional tensioning system that keeps the roof tarpaulins securely tensioned for decades. The frames for our lightweight buildings are assembled on the ground using supports, eave and ridge inserts, and the girt. For the frames and supports, the Herchenbach construction kit currently includes 4 profiles that can be used depending on building size, wind load or snow load. Each of the hollow profiles has a weather strip-groove system on each corner through which the roof tarpaulin is pulled to make it rainproof


Can a photovoltaic system be installed?

Yes, this can be done at the customer’s request.  It is important that the statics are designed for this because each square metre of photovoltaic system adds another 20 to 25 kilograms of weight to the roof. The Herchenbach system construction kit includes four aluminium profiles of different thicknesses that can be used for frames and supports, depending on the snow or wind load, building size or the weight of the photovoltaic system.

We have the lightweight buildings for you

Want to know more? Contact us to find out more. We would be happy to show you a lightweight building in your local area that uses our roof tarpaulin system.


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