1000 m² in one week – the swift warehouse assembly

Temporary buildings are rather beneficial: The warehouses are constructed so fast, no others can contend: 1000 m² in one week. At the same time, they are durable and highly stable. Discover the swift warehouse assembly at a glance.

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Temporary building – safe and straightforward

Preparatory steps

  • Product safety: Factory internal testing according to EN 1090
  • Delivery quality: precise documentation of the packing procedure


A 1000 m² aluminium temporary building from Herchenbach is made from 3250 individual parts. They are packed together in the week prior to the assembly at the warehouse in Hennef. The warehouse logistics team at Herchenbach subjects safety-related parts to factory internal testing. What’s more, the packing procedure is documented in detail, ensuring that each and every part arrives with the delivery. The error rate is extremely low, thanks to the meticulous checking carried out at the Herchenbach warehouse. Customers reap the benefits of a high degree of delivery reliability and dependability.

Constructing an aluminium building

The delivery

  • Low loading weight of aluminium buildings compared with steel buildings
  • Two trucks of materials for a 1000 m² building

Even on the Thursday before assembly begins on the Monday, the trucks, which supply Herchenbach’s construction sites in other European countries, are already on the road, having left the Hennef site in North Rhine-Westphalia. On Fridays, the trucks then deliver to projects in Germany en route. The material for a 1000 m² Herchenbach aluminium temporary building fits on two trucks. Owing to its low density, an aluminium building is only 30 per cent of the weight of a steel building – with a high level of stability and durability.

A warehouse without foundations

The anchoring

  • Cost-effective with ground spike anchoring
  • Time savings, as foundation is not required

Since aluminium buildings are rather lightweight, in many cases cost-effective ground spike anchoring can be used. Herchenbach provides a pre-assembly inspection as part of its comprehensive service package. In doing, customers are able to have their ground reliably and simply inspected to determine whether their existing surface is suitable for ground spike anchoring. One of the first tasks of the assembly team on the first Monday morning is to lay out the anchor plates on the ground, on which the building will be secured. Multiple tests are performed to determine whether the building dimensions are correct and that the anchor plates have been positioned at the right points. The anchoring then takes place in three steps. With a swift stroke of the hammer, the ground spikes are secured in the corresponding anchor plate hole, they are then driven into the ground with a pneumatic hammer. A member of the assembly team then checks once again if the ground spikes are sufficiently deep and securely positioned. The number of ground spikes needed and their size is not just dependent on the size of the building but also on wind and snow loads, which the temporary building should be able to withstand.

The largest Herchenbach ground spike weighs 14 kg.

Temporary building in a modular system

The frame

  • Clear width: up to 40 m unsupported width – beyond that, possible to use multiple bays
  • Eaves height: up to 7.40 m
  • Length: freely selectable in increments of 4 m or 5 m


The principle of an aluminium temporary building is always the same. Two columns are connected with eave inserts with two rafters. The ridge insert, which connects the two rafters, forms the triangle at the peak of the building’s roof. A frame is assembled from these parts on the ground. The length of a temporary building can be selected as desired, depending on the length varying numbers of frames are already assembled on the ground.

Thanks to the modular system, an aluminium building is cheaper than a steeling building, in many cases the costs for a foundation can be spared. There are currently four profiles in the modular system for the frame and pillars. They are used with truss spacings of 4 or 5 m, depending on the size of the building and wind and snow loads. Buildings with truss spacings of 4 m are able to withstand more snow loads.

The quick approach to more warehouse space

The construction

  • Assembled and secured in no time at all
  • Additional safety provided by wind bracings

If the assembly team has prepared the frames on the ground and secured to the profiles, the aluminium parts will be gradually lifted by crane in a swift process. The frames will then be connected to horizontal supports, the purlins, on the roof ridge and eave insert. Wind bracings and transverse ropes offer additional safety and stability.

Unheated and insulated warehouse

The wall cladding

  • Cost-effective trapezoidal sheet as weatherproofing and anti-theft protection
  • ISO panels with optimum heat transfer values as frost protection
  • Gates and doors in different layouts

Truss spacing is standardised in the Herchenbach modular system: As such, the wall cladding can be cut to the right width prior to assembly. All the assembly team needs to do on site is insert the wall cladding between the profiles. Here, customers have the choice between an unheated warehouse with trapezoidal sheeting and an insulated warehouse with ISO panels for frost protection. The wall cladding is not just quick to install, but in the event of damage can be simply and swiftly replaced on an individual basis. What’s more, with a selection of gates and doors, Herchenbach offers the perfect layout for any storage space.


Temporary buildings with durable roofing

The roof

  • Highly tear-resistant roofing textile
  • Protects against 99,8% of UVA and UVB radiation
  • Insulated and uninsulated
  • “Hard roofing” as fire protection
  • Condensation protection


Each building profile is fitted with a strip-groove system. This allows the assembly team to easily fit the roof tarpaulin on any frame. The roofing textile is available in several layouts, an additional inner tarpaulin ensures that the stored goods are protected against condensation.

Accessories for warehouses

Making it perfect for your requirements

  • Strand board or heavy-duty floors: Fitted for any storage requirements
  • Patented smoke and heat exhaust ventilation system: The safe choice for fire protection
  • Lighting systems

If the frame is up, the wall claddings and roofing textile are fitted, the assembly team has to take care of the final touches. Depending on your storage requirements, various accessory parts can be booked.


The fast and simple solution to more warehouse space

Temporary buildings from Herchenbach are swift and simple to build. The assembly team at Herchenbach constructs a 1000 m² building in one week. The modular system offers the greatest possible flexibility at a reasonable price. Whether as an unheated warehouse or an insulated warehouse – the temporary buildings from Herchenbach provide the ideal solution for any storage requirement.

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