Holzzentrum Birlenbach: Using lightweight buildings to manage supply bottlenecks

The situation on the global market is tense. Holzzentrum Birlenbach, a family-run business from Limburg, has taken precautions to help shield their customers from this as much as possible.

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With a 1,000 m² indoor display area and a 500 m² garden, Holzzentrum Birlenbach has plenty of space to display its wide range of products to customers. From timber products of all kinds, doors, flooring, insulation boards, as well as wood for the garden, screens and playground equipment – the selection is endless. To make sure it stays that way, the Limburg business, now run by fourth-generation family member Nicolas Begeré, has expanded once again, recently erecting a Herchenbach Safe+ lightweight building at the company’s premises. For the owner of Holzzentrum Birlenbach, the building represents a way of coping effectively with endless new challenges and potential disruptions to the supply chain. Begeré’s goal is to be able to continue offering his customers the company’s usual extensive range of products.


Create additional storage space quickly

Almost half of the employees have been working for the Birlenbach family for more than ten years, while almost a third have completed their training at the timber merchant, where customers value their expert advice. But even these experienced staff members have never experienced a market situation like this before. “Right now, like many others, we are struggling with supply bottlenecks”, explains the company owner. The family business, which sells eco-friendly, sustainable wood products from across Europe, has not escaped the effects of the global situation. Like many others, the Limburg-based company has also been affected by COVID-19 and container shortages caused by shipping congestion. “Manufacturers’ prices have risen sharply, as have delivery times and some products are very difficult to get hold of”, says Begeré. He was therefore looking for a way to build up stocks quickly so that the business would no longer be so dependent on the fluctuations of the market – and decided on a lightweight building. According to the latest study by the Herchenbach Supply Chain Institute, this makes Holzzentrum Birlenbach a company that excels at crisis management when it comes to dealing with supply chain bottlenecks: successful companies consider flexible inventories and storage capacities to be key aspects of this.


Protected against environmental influences

Safe+ is not the first Herchenbach product in which goods from Holzzentrum Birlenbach have been stored. “We bought our first industrial tent from Herchenbach over 15 years ago”, explains Begeré. “And it’s still standing”. For the new building, he selected sturdy trapezoidal sheets for the wall cladding. “We mainly store boards and decking for the construction sector there”, he explains. “They have to be kept dry and protected against environmental influences.” Since there were no planning law requirements, the building could be anchored to the existing surface with ground spikes. This saved the company not only the cost of an expensive foundation, but, above all, time. “The whole process was seamless and fast”, says Begeré. “The building was assembled in just a few days. It took just under three months from the first meeting with Herchenbach to the handover of the finished building.”



Material for your next DIY project

The owner of the company recently took the opportunity to address customers directly with a post on the company’s own social media account: “Even though there is a shortage of wood on the market at the moment, we are doing our best to provide enough stock for you.” Good news for anyone planning their latest DIY project. For Nicolas Begeré, time to relax? At least he knows that he has helped equip Holzzentrum Birlenbach for the next generation. He prefers to offer relaxation and wellness to his customers – the company also sells wooden saunas, after all.


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