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Pipet tips, various test plates, cuvets, tube systems: ratiolab® offers high-quality plastic products for laboratory and medical needs as well as customised productions. Thanks to the global success of the company, they required a flexible warehouse solution.

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ratiolab®: Up to 1,000,000 parts per day

Precision, process reliability, efficiency - all of which are at the heart of ratiolab®. Established in 1975 in Dreieich-Buchschlag near Frankfurt. Since then, the company has been producing high-quality plastic products for the laboratory and medical industry. Beside standardised consumables such as pipet tips, various test plates, cuvets and tube systems, ratiolab® offers the individual development and production of plastic products. Users from research, science and industry appreciate ratiolab®products worldwide. They are produced at their own site in Szada, 30 km from the Hungarian capital of Budapest. On a daily basis, up to 1,000,000 items are produced in state-of-the-art injection-moulding machines. “The market situation is working in our favour” says Johannes Wagner, CEO of Ratiolab Hungary Kft, the Hungarian subsidiary of the German Ratiolab GmbH.


Complex plastic products

At the plant in Hungary covering some 3,000 m², complex and precise plastic products are produced in a controlled dust-free environment and in the clean room in a 3-shift operation from small to large series. State-of-the-art removal systems for safe handling. The aim: To offer professional solutions in close collaboration with customers for the laboratory, research institutes, development and industry, which “alleviate the daily precision-based work, increase accuracy, enhance safety and make work processes even more efficient.” The company is even impressing its customers where product development is concerned. Upon customer request, individual parts are produced in the shortest of timeframes. This is appreciated by laboratories across the globe.


Warehouse solution for capacity problems

Success often has to contend with other challenges. “We are continually facing capacity issues”, says Wagner. A proportion of the goods had to be stored elsewhere, a less than ideal solution for the company. Thanks to the building from Herchenbach, ratiolab® found a swift and simple warehouse solution. “Quite frankly, you can never have enough storage space”, explains the CEO. “The building was required so we could bring a proportion of the goods stored elsewhere back under our roof.” ratiolab® selected a Safe+ warehouse made of trapezoidal sheets. These wall claddings are not only cost-effective for an unheated warehouse, but are also durable and low maintenance.


Protection against weather

A rather important consideration for ratiolab®: The stored goods are securely protected against theft and the weather. “It is mainly raw materials, which are stored there, but also semi-finished parts made of plastic and polystyrene”, explains Wagner. “They need to be protected against sunlight and stored in a dry place.”The roofing textile used for the building construction protects against 99.8% of UVA and UVB radiation and is characterised by its high load-bearing capacity. 


Rental option for temporary building

ratiolab® found Herchenbach through online research. Besides the product itself, it was the financing system that particularly impressed the decision makers at ratiolab®. “The rental option proved rather appealing in this case”, explains the CEO. As the aluminium temporary buildings from Herchenbach can be easily extended or decreased thanks to their modular system, and simply reassembled in a different location, in future ratiolab® will also be able to effortlessly and reliably respond to current storage requirements. As such, the warehouse had to meet further requirements. “The dimensions were very limited by the available space”, reports Wagner. At the same time, the new building must not only be absolutely dry but also bright, stable and have an attractive look and feel. The assembly took place in no time at all. “The process from the planning to implementation took one to one and a half months”, says the CEO.  “We were delighted with the great planning and on-site development during this time. The collaboration with Herchenbach was very cooperative, informative and rather accurate.” Would he recommend Herchenbach to others? There is no hesitation from Johannes Wagner: “Yes, absolutely.”


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