Gates for temporary buildings – the optimum way to protect your goods

Let’s be crystal clear: The building must not be left open, due to structural reasons. The type of gate you choose depends on your requirements. Find the optimum solution with us.

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Semi-permanent warehouses by Herchenbach

  • Choose from our three models: Cover+ roofing (this is the only way you can avoid having gates fitted with this simple roofing) and the two Safe+ (uninsulated) and Therm+ (insulated) temporary buildings.
  • Build unsupported widths of up to 40 m, eave heights of up to 7.4 m with us and a length, which is flexibly tailored to your storage needs.
  • Choose the ideal solution for your business from four kinds of gates.

Temporary building: So why not permanently op

The statics for our aluminium buildings have been calculated based on a closed building. Wind forces act differently on a closed building rather than an open one. With this in mind, the industrial building must be closed with at least a tarpaulin gate. The temporary building must not be left open on a permanent basis.

Find out about our TÜV-approved statics. We have ready-to-use statics in the system for over 500 buildings, which have been calculated for various wind zones. This means you can get using your building shortly after the order is placed without delay.

Which is the cost-effective gate?

The most cost-effective gate for a temporary building is the tarpaulin gate. Our tarpaulin gates are made of the same extremely tear-resistant PVC as our roofing and meet the structural requirements concerning wind load.

  • The advantage: Tarpaulin gates are extremely cost-effective
  • The disadvantage: Tarpaulin gates cannot be locked and only partially seal the building.
  • Tarpaulin gates are suitable for customers looking for an extremely cost-effective solution for storing non-sensitive goods and who do not place much importance on practicability and anti-theft protection.

Which offers the best cost/performance ratio?

Sliding gates are efficient in terms of their cost/performance. They are produced from a single frame and the same trapezoidal sheets used to make the wall of the unheated warehouse.

  • Sliding gates are produced from trapezoidal sheet.
  • Since the guide rail, which is used to open and close the gate moves upwards, sliding gates are barrier-free.
  • Sliding gates are extremely compact, as they run in parallel with the outer wall of the building.

Burglary protection and seamless procedures

Our roller shutter doors are available in various dimensions. They can be assembled in the gable wall and the side wall of the building in equal measures. The rolling door curtain does not take up any potential storage space, as it can be rolled up in an extremely space-saving manner. We offer the electrical roller shutter door as standard. A radio remote control, radar motion sensor or transparent louvres are available as options. We also offer roller shutter doors in a basic version, which can be manually opened using a manual chain.

  •  Roller shutter doors provide viable anti-theft protection
  • Thanks to the radio remote control or radar motion sensor, use can be optimally integrated into operations

Top notch design and insulation

Our sectional gates are the perfect way to round off our insulated Therm+ buildings. Depending on which panels are used for the sectional gates, they offer optimum heat transfer values. Sectional gates can be used both on the side wall and the gable wall, with a standard deflection of 90°. Deviations are possible here. Sectional gates can be fitted with a fast-acting mechanism and motion sensor. It is possible to glance into the building through optional viewing sections.

  • Sectional gates are the ideal addition to our insulated warehouses, thanks to their insulating properties.
  • Viable anti-theft protection is ensured.
  • Seamless operations can be simply implemented for loading and unloading the building.


Do you want to build a warehouse cost-effectively in no time at all? Arrange a meeting with us. We will hold an in-depth consultation with you when it comes to selecting accessories, to ensure the gates of the building ideally suit your storage needs. Are you looking for a cost-effective variant? Is anti-theft protection important to you? Do you want operations to be as seamless as possible? Is insulation on the top of your list? Make the most of our expertise and choose the right gate for your business from our four types.

Roller shutter doors or sliding gates? Anti-theft protection and insulation? What matters to you when selecting accessories for your warehouse? Find the ideal solution for your new warehouse.

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