Flexibility offered by a lightweight building

A great advantage of lightweight buildings is their flexibility. They can be adapted to the respective requirements both in terms of size and features.

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Thanks to their modular construction, lightweight buildings offer many different possible uses for industry: Logistics and storage, handling and order picking, or assembly and production, to name just a few. Herchenbach lightweight buildings adapt flexibly to any particular requirement. The aluminium frame is covered with a roof tarpaulin made of industrial PVC and wall panels. The type of wall and roof cladding depends on the intended use and the goods to be stored. Insulated panels protect temperature-sensitive goods and ensure the building is heated economically and efficiently. Thanks to this design, lightweight construction offers several advantages compared to steel or solid construction.

Our high-quality product can be constructed very quickly and offers a long-lasting service life in accordance with DIN EN 1991. The rapid construction time is based on a short delivery time of a few weeks as well as a short installation time (rule of thumb: 5 working days for 1000 m²). Our expertise also ensures the project planning phase is kept short. Based on available drawings and structural analyses, project implementation can begin shortly after commissioning. Our product’s flexibility particularly stands out when establishing the size, financing, anchoring and features.

A cost-effective solution

  • No foundations required
  • Low installation costs

A flexible solution

  • Adaptable size and features
  • Purchase or rent flexibly
  • Possible to extend after assembly

A rapidly available solution

  • Short delivery times
  • Installation times: only 5 days for 1000 m²

Building sizes – design flexibly

The modular system of these buildings offers a high degree of flexibility. The length can be selected as required in increments of 4 m or 5 m. We can recreate spans of up to 40 m. We can also use multiple bays to achieve greater widths. With eaves heights of up to 6.4 m, it is also possible to store goods at height in our buildings. The strut-free construction of our buildings is particularly advantageous for customers. Tension cables do not hinder storage at height to the same extent as corner struts do. Corner struts can result in a loss of height of up to two metres.


  • Clear width: up to 40 m – beyond that, possible to use multiple bays
  • Eaves height: up to 6.40 m
  • Length: freely selectable in increments of 4 m or 5 m

Rent or buy – finance flexibly

Various models are available to our customers for financing the building. In addition to purchase, we also offer flexible rental options. Rental contracts are drawn up individually with the customer. The rental duration and other features – such as automatic renewal or a possible price reduction after one or two years – are determined together. With rental, there is no need for a high investment budget and the customer retains flexibility when developing their storage strategy. You can find an overview of prices on our pricing page.


Anchoring – anchor flexibly

In principle, we can assemble our warehouses on almost any subsoil, so there are no costs associated with laying foundations. Existing asphalt surfaces or car parks can therefore be used. Ground spikes are used to anchor the building. To do so, the surface course, base course and frost protection layer should be at least 80 cm thick when added together. If this prerequisite cannot be met or if cables run in the subsoil, anchoring with heavy-duty dowels using strip foundations or individual footings is another alternative.

Using ground spikes to anchor lightweight buildings is advantageous since the building can be subsequently dismantled without any problems. In the case of steel hangars or solid structures, the buildings are very difficult or even impossible to deconstruct. If anchored using ground spikes, only a few holes remain in the ground, which can be filled up again.

Building features – equip flexibly

Our buildings can be flexibly adapted to the needs of our customers. We offer innovative solutions to overcome typical problems and challenges faced by the industry.

  • ISO panels used as wall cladding
  • Insulated roof tarpaulin for thermal efficiency
  • Various gate options, also available in special sizes
  • Smoke and heat extraction system for fire protection
  • Standard warehouse lighting
  • Gutters for controlled rain drainage
  • and much more besides

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