Herchenbach exceeds the best year in the company's history

In 2022, Herchenbach surpassed the most successful year in its company history, building up more warehouse space than previous years. Now, the company has big plans for 2023.

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Lightweight building provider is constructing 25% more storage space than in the previous year

In 2022, Herchenbach has built more lightweight hall space than ever before. The number of square meters converted increased by 25%, building on 2021's already successful results. In 2021, the lightweight building provider had built 65% more hall space than the year prior.

"During 2020, in the period of COVID, there was a small dent. It was as if someone had pressed a pause button,” recalls Nektarios Apostologlou, Managing Director of Herchenbach Industrial Buildings together with Till Bossert. From August 2020 orders were received again. It was unclear whether it was a catch-up effect or not. "In 2021 it was clear: We are leveling off at a much higher amount of orders," says Apostologlou.

Herchenbach only builds high-quality aluminum halls for industry to buy and rent. Thanks to this specialisation, the company is able to respond quickly to customer demand. Medium-sized companies as well as large companies increased their inventories in the face of disrupted supply chains and needed significantly more storage space.

However, companies' planning horizons have become shorter. Instead of a steel or concrete structures, Herchenbach customers rely on a flexible, mobile storage or logistics space. It can be easily disassembled and reused in another project when the need is no longer met. Renting a building offers greater flexibility than buying it. The lease can easily be extended. Approved as a permanent structure, the lightweight building is certified for a long service life.

For the coming year, the managing directors Nektarios Apostologlou and Till Bossert expect further growth: 15% more warehouse space than in 2022. The year will be used to further increase efficiency and expand service offerings such as support with building permits.

Workforce doubled since 2020: New head office building

The positive growth had a major impact on the company. Since the beginning of 2020, the workforce has doubled to 120 employees. They work at locations in Germany, France, Great Britain and Hungary, but mostly centered around Hennef (North Rhine-Westphalia).

The previous company headquarters has become too small after such a growth in numbers. The first big project in the new year will be the move to the center of Hennef. Herchenbach has 2000 m² of office space available there. The warehouse will remain at the Löhestraße location.

"Our workforce has achieved an enormous amount," the two managing directors agree. For them, it is crucial that the "Herchenbach spirit" does not fall by the wayside as the company grows. "We're not just looking for the right people, we want to keep them and develop them further. In this way, we also fill relevant positions internally,” emphasizes Apostologlou. "We have had very good experiences with this in recent years."

Focus on recycling and rental sector

Herchenbach erects lightweight halls using modular construction. The company has an in-house engineering department that continuously develops the product. An important project in the past year was the further harmonization of the modular system: fewer parts are used more diversely. This makes procurement easier, but the flexibility in designing the hall is retained. For customers, this means: They get the products faster.

Since the aluminum profiles are screwed and not welded, the halls can be easily dismantled - unlike comparable steel halls. The hall construction is either set up completely at a new location or integrated into another building in individual parts. This makes ecological and economic sense. Herchenbach therefore focuses on the recyclability of the halls. This includes the expansion of the rental park.

The company currently has 500 halls rented, the oldest for around 20 years. More and more customers are using this financing option. In LIGHT of economic uncertainties and ever shorter planning horizons, it offers the necessary flexibility. The hall is only paid for as long as it is used. If the need persists after the lease expires, an extension is easily possible.

Services related to hall construction are being expanded

Herchenbach has expanded almost all departments – including customer service. Not only is the maintenance work coordinated there, but also customers who plan to expand a warehouse, want to move the building on the company premises or even plan to move the structure to another city.

The hall construction is simplified by additional services such as pre-assembly inspection of the foundation and support in the building permit process. Herchenbach is currently expanding its network of architects in order to simplify communication with the local building authority for customers. Due to a stronger regionalisation, the company can fall back on experiences with building authorities from different municipalities. For customers, this means that the construction of their new lightweight building will be even easier.

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