Preventing supply bottlenecks – and making more space for clean air

From ensuring clean air for the metalworking industry to guaranteeing safe classrooms and conference rooms during the COVID-19 pandemic: AFS Airfilter Systeme GmbH does it all. The company has now invested in more warehouse space to ensure it is better able to withstand disruptions in the supply chain.


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AFS Airfilter Systeme GmbH is based in Baden-Württemberg and is a leading manufacturer of air purification equipment and systems. It is particularly renowned for its expertise in removing oil and emulsion mist from the air, in the metal processing industry, for example, using both individual extraction systems and central systems for entire production halls. The company is already a major supplier for leading global tool manufacturers, but the COVID-19 pandemic has opened up completely new areas of application for its products and services. 

Air filters for schools

“New additions to our portfolio since the COVID-19 pandemic include mobile air purifiers for schools, conference rooms, etc.”, explains Jürgen Gießler from AFS Airfilter Systeme GmbH. “This is an area in which AFS can bring all its air purification expertise to bear and deliver one of the most efficient and quietest units available on the market”.

AFS are committed to quality, which it guarantees not only through ISO 9001 certification, but also through regular inspections by the TÜV and internal quality management systems. Customers appreciate this commitment. “Our order books are full, thanks to our expertise and customer-focused approach”, says Gießler. But the general market situation is posing challenges for the company. “Procurement issues resulting in extended delivery times as well as increased prices are causing us problems”, he continues.


Preventing supply chain disruption

Several years ago, the company built an extension and rented an additional building nearby in order to make it less vulnerable to disruptions in the supply chain yet still be able to meet customers’ requirements. “The market situation meant that the storage capacity limits of these spaces were also quickly reached however”, explains Gießler. It was clear to the company that it needed even more space. A new building was required. “But that would take time, and we needed the space immediately”, he continues. The company began looking at lightweight buildings as a way of creating more warehouse space quickly and flexibly. AFS Airfilter Systeme GmbH found Herchenbach online and quickly commissioned them to assemble the new building. “Delays on our side meant that the process from planning to implementation was somewhat longer than anticipated, while from Herchenbach’s side, things took about 3 months”, says Gießler. “We were very satisfied with this timescale. Herchenbach also kept to all the timings”.



Unheated warehouse as a lightweight building

AFS Airfilter Systeme GmbH decided on the Safe+, an unheated warehouse with high-quality roofing textile and trapezoidal sheet walls. It provides theft, condensation and weather protection for non-temperature-sensitive parts. “This unheated warehouse allowed us to store parts that are not in series production and thus relieve our actual production by creating space in this area again”, explains Gießler. “We use the building mainly as a warehouse. After commissioning, however, we were also able to accommodate a small section of our bulky goods production in the new building”.



Herchenbach come highly recommended

For AFS Airfilter Systeme GmbH, the new warehouse has already proved useful. But how does the company rate its collaboration with Herchenbach? Which aspects particularly impressed AFS Airfilter Systeme GmbH? “In the run-up, the price, during the selection process, the support from their employees, and during the assembly, great collaboration with their assemblers on site”, says Gießler. “Working with Herchenbach was a very pleasant experience, all the way from the first contact, through the quotation phase, to assembly and the final acceptance”.

AFS Airfilter Systeme GmbH are therefore more than happy to recommend the company to others. “We’ve already done so, in fact”, says Gießler. “A nearby company has been asking about the building and our experience with the company”.

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