Snow load buildings

Temporary snow load buildings

There are various factors to consider in temporary building construction. If you want to create extra warehouse space, you will need to deal with issues such as construction planning law, construction engineering and statics. Here, the geographical location of the building plays a large role. Depending on the climate, different regions worldwide are divided into snow load zones. Snow loads are calculated for each of these zones. The statics for a building can be determined on the basis of the snow load of the relevant region. The statics ensure that the roof is able to withstand local weather conditions.

Snow load buildings have particularly high load-bearing capacity. They are used in regions in which heavy snowfall is expected in winter. Herchenbach offers modular lightweight snow load buildings. We offer buildings in different standard sizes that can withstand snow loads of between 0.52 and 1.35 kN/m². Our snow load buildings are extremely versatile. Depending on the wall and roof cladding, they are suitable for bulk materials, for non-sensitive goods or for goods that must be stored within a particular temperature range. You can also use our buildings as logistics centres, handling buildings, for manufacturing and production, and much more.


Our temporary building with insulated wall cladding is available with either insulated or plain industrial PVC roof tarpaulin. Therm+ temporary buildings can be used as a space solution for sensitive goods, production, manufacturing, exhibitions, and workshop and assembly work.

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The services in our comprehensive service package are extensive and closely aligned to one another, saving you time, money and stress when implementing your building project. From the creation of the quote to the handover of the key and beyond – we will be there with you.
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Buy from approx. 115,— £*per m2
Rent from approx. 2,10 £*per m2
per month
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Leading OEMs and automotive suppliers such as Porsche AG and Continental AG rely on our expertise and our innovative product solutions. Read on to find out what these companies think of Herchenbach.
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Leading customers from the construction industry rely on our expertise and our innovative product solutions. Read on to find out what these companies think of Herchenbach.
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Our buildings are widely used in the logistics industry. We have created customised product solutions for customers such as Deutsche Bahn and DHL. Find out more about our completed projects in the logistics industry here.
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Food & Beverage
Many of our customers come from the food & beverage industry. Customers benefit from our cost-effective building solutions, which are also suitable for sensitive goods. Read on for some testimonials from this industry.
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Some of our main customers come from the packaging and paper processing industries, for whom we implement product solutions throughout Europe. Our innovation and experience are reflected in the high levels of customer satisfaction. Take a look at our testimonial projects.
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Other sectors
In addition to our core areas, we also cater for to many other industries. The flexibility of our temporary buildings enables us to offer the right solution for many different applications.
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Fixtures and fittings for snow load buildings

Modular snow load buildings can be adapted in terms of size, fixtures and fittings for their intended purpose. We offer various wall and roof cladding options. Our Therm+ models are fully insulated. They protect sensitive goods from frost and reduce the amount of energy required to heat the buildings.

Our range of fixtures and fittings also includes a gutter that can be heated. If snow loads slide off the roof and stay in the gutter, this can lead to overloading of the gutter. The heating function thaws the snow and allows it to flow away unobstructed. For fully insulated snow load buildings, we recommend sealing the wall base and installing high-speed roller shutter doors that prevent cold getting into the building. These fixtures and fittings help make the building more energy-efficient.

Snow load buildings for temporary or permanent requirements

Snow load buildings are used in various industries. They are often required only for a defined period of time rather than for longer-term use. Our buildings are designed for permanent use in accordance with DIN EN 1991. We also offer them for rental however, so that customers can use them only for as long as they need them. At the end of the rental period, we dismantle the building. The rental option protects a company’s assets, while companies do not have to make a longer-term commitment when planning their operating spaces.

Herchenbach not only provides high-quality temporary snow load buildings, it also offers a comprehensive service package including professional consultation services for the customer, from determining requirements to completion of the turnkey building.

Planning permission & fire protection

Benefit from our experience on thousands of completed projects and from our expertise in construction planning law, planning permission and fire protection. We are well versed in current standards and regulations and balance the requirements of the entrepreneurial desire for action and approval from the authorities every day, enabling us to complete your building project quickly.

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