Commercial buildings

Temporary commercial buildings

Companies need to be able to react as quickly as possible to supply shortages and rising demand. Fluctuations in demand occur in every sector of industry and influence various aspects, including storage strategies. For example, automotive suppliers or logistics companies are hugely vulnerable to economic fluctuations. In the event of increasing demand, they must react quickly and at short notice. This often involves a shortage of space and the need for a commercial building.

Herchenbach temporary buildings are available quickly and are flexible in their design – even after assembly, they can be extended or completely dismantled as required, allowing companies to react quickly to economic changes.


Our non-insulated temporary building with trapezoidal sheet wall cladding is available with a tear-resistant industrial PVC roof tarpaulin. Safe+ temporary buildings can be used for non-sensitive goods, logistics, vehicles, aircraft, maintenance and repair work.

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The services in our comprehensive service package are extensive and closely aligned to one another, saving you time, money and stress when implementing your building project. From the creation of the quote to the handover of the key and beyond – we will be there with you.
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Buy from approx. 77,— £per m2
Rent from approx. 1,30 £per m2
per month
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Leading OEMs and automotive suppliers such as Porsche AG and Continental AG rely on our expertise and our innovative product solutions. Read on to find out what these companies think of Herchenbach.
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Our buildings are widely used in the logistics industry. We have created customised product solutions for customers such as Deutsche Bahn and DHL. Find out more about our completed projects in the logistics industry here.
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Food & Beverage
Many of our customers come from the food & beverage industry. Customers benefit from our cost-effective building solutions, which are also suitable for sensitive goods. Read on for some testimonials from this industry.
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Some of our main customers come from the packaging and paper processing industries, for whom we implement product solutions throughout Europe. Our innovation and experience are reflected in the high levels of customer satisfaction. Take a look at our testimonial projects.
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Other sectors
In addition to our core areas, we also cater for to many other industries. The flexibility of our temporary buildings enables us to offer the right solution for many different applications.
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Herchenbach Gewerbehalle kaufen oder mieten

Profitieren Sie von kurzen Lieferzeiten! Je nach Größe realisieren wir Ihr Hallenprojekt in zwei bis vier Wochen, sodass Ihr Betriebsfluss auch bei spontanem Bedarf nicht langfristig unterbrochen wird. Dank der modularen Bauweise ist Ihre Gewerbehalle schnell und kostenschonend aufgebaut. Für 1000 m² rechnen wir mit fünf Werktagen.

Profitieren Sie von Flexibilität! Unsere Gewerbehallen sind gemäß unseres Standardbaukastens flexibel gestaltbar in Höhe und Breite. Auf Anfrage realisieren wir auch Sonderwünsche. Nach dem Aufbau kann die Halle jederzeit erweitert werden. Sie ist rückstandslos demontierbar und lässt sich theoretisch an einem anderen Standort wiederaufbauen. Gewerbehallen lassen sich vielseitig nutzen. Die Art der Anwendung bestimmt die Ausstattung der Halle. Auch hier bieten wir ein hohes Maß an Flexibilität: Ob Schutz vor Frost, Kondenswasser, Diebstahl oder UV-Strahlung – wir bieten eine Lösung für Ihren Bedarf.

Profitieren Sie von der Mietoption! Neben unserer Kaufoption bieten wir Ihnen die Möglichkeit, Ihre Gewerbehalle zu mieten. In dem Fall entfällt ein hohes Investitionsbudget. Besteht der Bedarf nur temporär, bauen wir die Halle nach Ablauf der Mietzeit wieder rückstandslos ab. Natürlich können Sie die Halle nach der Mietzeit auch kaufen. Informationen zu den Kosten von Gewerbehallen finden Sie auf unserer Website.

Planning permission & fire protection

Benefit from our experience on thousands of completed projects and from our expertise in construction planning law, planning permission and fire protection. We are well versed in current standards and regulations and balance the requirements of the entrepreneurial desire for action and approval from the authorities every day, enabling us to complete your building project quickly.

Customer service

Herchenbach goes the extra mile: our experienced customer service team is always here to help, whatever your concerns. Please contact us if you have any questions about our products and services or upcoming repair and maintenance work. We are happy to help!

We are here for you!

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